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'US sends terrorists to fight Syria govt.'

The US has reportedly released hundreds of terrorists from its prisons in Iraq on condition that they leave the country for Syria and fight against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

More than 400 terrorist have been freed from US prisons in Iraq to help fuel unrest in Syria, Islam Times quoted Lebanese political analyst Anis al-Naqqash as saying. He added that they have entered Syria illegally via Turkey.

Naqqash also criticized Arab media for leading a propaganda campaign against the Syrian government and trying to implicate the Syrian army for the killing of hundreds of civilians and unarmed demonstrators.

He added that the Arab media refuse to report the atrocities committed by armed groups in Syria which has left nearly 2,000 security personnel dead.

Meanwhile, Turkish lawmaker Birgul Ayman Guler, the deputy chairperson of Turkey's main opposition party, the Republican People's Party (CHP), said that Western media outlets are not reflecting the reality in Syria.

Guler, who visited Syria about one month ago as part of a Turkish delegation comprised of 38 women, told Press TV on Tuesday that the reality in Syria is different from what the Western media outlets are reporting.

''What we understood during the visit was that the Western media were lying about the situation in Syria,'' she said, adding that foreign elements, such as the United States and the European Union, are trying to carry out a plot in Syria.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March, with demonstrations being held both against and in favor of President Bashar al-Assad. Hundreds of people, including members of the security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The opposition and Western countries accuse Syrian security forces of being behind the killings in the country, but Damascus blames what it describes as outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups for the deadly violence, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.

President Assad has warned against any foreign attack against Syria, saying the military action will cause instability in the whole Middle East.



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Pakistan PM: No more "business as usual" with U.S

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani ruled out "business as usual" with the United States on Monday after a NATO attack killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, and the army threatened to curtail cooperation with Washington onAfghanistan drastically.

Saturday's incident on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan has complicated U.S. attempts to ease a crisis in relations withIslamabad and stabilize the region before foreign combat troops leave Afghanistan.

"Business as usual will not be there," Gilani told CNN when asked if the relationship with the United States would continue. "We have to have something bigger so as to satisfy my nation."

Gilani's comments reflect the fury of the Pakistani government and military, and the pressure they are under from their own people. "You cannot win any war without the support of the masses," he said. "We need the people with us."

The relationship, he said, would continue only if based on "mutual respect and mutual interest." Asked if Pakistan was receiving that respect, Gilani replied: "At the moment, not."

Gilani's comments cap a day of growing pressure from the Pakistani military, which threatened to reduce cooperation on peace efforts in Afghanistan.

"This could have serious consequences in the level and extent of our cooperation," military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told Reuters.

Pakistan has a long history of ties to militant groups in Afghanistan so it is uniquely positioned to help bring about a peace settlement, a top foreign policy and security goal for the Obama administration.

Washington believes Islamabad can play a critical role in efforts to pacify Afghanistan before all NATO combat troops pull out in 2014, and cannot afford to alienate its ally.

Pakistan shut down NATO supply routes into Afghanistan in retaliation for the weekend shooting incident, the worst of its kind since Islamabad allied itself with Washington in 2001.

"We have been here before. But this time it's much more serious," said Farzana Sheikh, associate fellow of the Asia program at Chatham House in London.

"The government has taken a very stern view. It's not quite clear at this stage what more Pakistani authorities can do, apart from suspending supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan."

Adding a new element to tensions, and a diplomatic boost for Islamabad, Pakistan's ally China said it was "deeply shocked" by the incident and expressed "strong concern for the victims and profound condolences for Pakistan.

Russia, which has been seeking warmer relations with Pakistan as worry grows over the NATO troop pullout in Afghanistan, said it was "unacceptable" to violate the sovereignty of states even when hunting "terrorists."

On Saturday, NATO helicopters and fighter jets attacked two military outposts in northwest Pakistan, killing the 24 soldiers and wounding 13 others, the army said.


NATO described the killings as a "tragic, unintended incident" and said an investigation was underway. A Western official and an Afghan security official who requested anonymity said NATO troops were responding to fire from across the border.

Pakistan's military denied NATO forces had come under fire before launching the attack, saying the strike was unprovoked and reserving the right to retaliate.

Abbas said the attack lasted two hours despite warnings from Pakistani border posts. "They were contacted through the local hotline and also there had been contacts through the director-general of military operations. But despite that, this continued," he said.

After a string of deadly incidents in the largely lawless and confusing border region, NATO and Pakistan set up the hotline that should allow them to communicate in case of confusion over targets and avoid "friendly fire."

Both the Western and Pakistani explanations are possibly correct: that a retaliatory attack by NATO troops took a tragic, mistaken turn in harsh terrain where differentiating friend from foe can be difficult.

An Afghan Taliban commander, Mullah Samiullah Rahmani, said the group had not been engaged in any fighting with NATO or Afghan forces in the area when the incident took place. But he added that Taliban fighters control several Afghan villages near the border with Pakistan.

A similar cross-border incident on September 30, 2010, which killed two Pakistani service personnel, led to the closure of one of NATO's supply routes through Pakistan for 10 days.

The attack was the latest perceived provocation by the United States, which infuriated and embarrassed Pakistan's powerful military in May with a unilateral special forces raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


The main Pakistani association that delivers fuel to NATO forces in Afghanistan said it would not resume supplies soon in protest against the NATO strike.

In the Mohmand region, where the attack took place, hundreds of angry tribesmen yelled "Death to America." About 200 lawyers protested in Peshawar city, some burning an effigy of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Newspaper editorials were strident. "We have to send a clear and unequivocal message to NATO and America that our patience has run out. If even a single bullet of foreign forces crosses into our border, then two fires will be shot in retaliation," said the mass-circulation Urdu language Jang newspaper.

The NATO strike has shifted attention away from what critics say is Pakistan's failure to go after militants.

Pakistan joined the U.S. global war on militancy launched after al Qaeda's September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, and won billions of dollars in aid in return.

But the unstable, nuclear-armed country has often been described as an unreliable ally, and the United States has resorted to controversial drone aircraft strikes against militants on Pakistani territory to pursue its aims.

U.S. frustrations grew so much that Obama ordered the raid that killed bin Laden in Pakistan be kept secret, knowing it could make the United States even more unpopular in Pakistan.

(Additional reporting by Zeeshan Haider and Rebecca Conway in ISLAMABAD, Izaz Mohmand, Jibran Ahmad and Faris Ali in PESHAWAR, and William Maclean in LONDON; Writing by Michael Georgy; Editing by David Stamp)


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ليبيا الجديدة تسلح "ثوار" سوريا

ليبيا الجديدة تسلح "ثوار" سوريا

الانشقاقات عن الجيش السوري التابع للنظام مستمرة (الفرنسية)

أجرت السلطات الليبية الجديدة محادثات سرية مع "المتمردين" السوريين الجمعة تحدث الجانبان خلالها عن أنجع الطرق لتأمين أسلحة وأموال للمساعدة في التمرد ضد نظام الرئيس بشار الأسد, وفق ما كشفته ديلي تلغراف البريطانية.

وذكرت الصحيفة أن السوريين طلبوا في اللقاء الذي تم في إسطنبول بحضور مسؤولين أتراك دعما من الممثلين الليبيين، وأن أسلحة عرضت عليهم مع احتمال إرسال متطوعين لمساعدتهم.

ونقلت عن مصدر ليبي اشترط عدم كشف هويته قوله "إن شيئا يجري التخطيط له لإرسال أسلحة وربما حتى مقاتلين من ليبيا إلى سوريا" مضيفا أن تدخلا عسكريا يجري الإعداد له وأنه "في غضون أسابيع قليلة سوف يتكشف للعيان".

وعلمت تلغراف أيضا أن مناقشات أولية بشأن إمدادات الأسلحة جرت بين الطرفين عندما زار أفراد من الوطني السوري ليبيا في وقت سابق هذا الشهر.

ووفق الناشط بحقوق الإنسان ذي العلاقة بالوطني السوري وسام طاريس, فإن الليبيين يقدمون المال والتدريب والأسلحة إلى ذلك المجلس. ويؤكد أن الانتقالي الليبي جاد في عرضه.

وتقول مصادر بمدينة مصراتة الليبية إن أسلحة ربما تم بالفعل إرسالها. ووفق أحد مهربي السلاح خلال الثورة الليبية, فإن بعض الأشخاص قد تم بالفعل توقيفهم بينما كانوا يبيعون أسلحة لمشترين سوريين.

ويتزامن الكشف عن هذه الأخبار مع هجوم نفذه "متمردون" سوريون على قاعدة جوية خارج مدينة حمص مما أدى لمقتل ستة طيارين، وفقا لبيان صادر عن الجيش السوري.

ويقول عضو المجلس العسكري بطرابلس حامد الماجري إن الليبيين يشعرون بتحالف وثيق مع السوريين خصوصا أن "بشار أرسل أسلحة للقذافي خلال الثورة الليبية، وثمة مئات الأشخاص الذين يريدون الذهاب للقتال في سوريا، أو المساعدة بوسائل أخرى وفق استطاعتهم".

يُشار إلى أن ليبيا كانت أول دولة في العالم تعترف بالمعارضة السورية بوصفها السلطة الشرعية


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American Police Are So Brutal that the Egyptian Military Is Justifying Its Murder of Tahrir Square Protesters By Pointing to the Crackdown on Occupy W

Egyptian Military Points to American Police Brutality in Justifying Murder of Tahrir Square Protesters

And America’s response towards the peaceful Occupy protesters has been so brutal that now the Egyptian military is justifying its murder of protesters in Tahrir Square by saying they are just following the American example. As Gawker notes:

Two people were killed in Cairo and Alexandria this weekend as Egyptian activists took the streets to protest the military’s attempts to maintain its grip on power. And guess how the state is justifying its deadly crackdown. “We saw the firm stance the US took against OWS people & the German govt against green protesters to secure the state,” an Egyptian state television anchor said yesterday (as translated by the indispensable Sultan Sooud al Qassemi; bold ours).

Note: American protesters are protesting for the same reasons as the Egyptian protesters. Truly, it is the people of the entire world versus the oligarchs and their mercenaries.


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رفع الأعلام السوداء في بنغازي يثير مخاوف الغرب من القاعدة

رفع الأعلام السوداء في بنغازي يثير مخاوف الغرب من القاعدة

سلط الإعلام الغربي أضواءه على نبأ يقول إن «القاعدة» رفعت علمها فوق أحد رموز الثورة الليبية متمثلا في مبنى محكمة بنغازي. وتكمن أهمية هذا المبنى في أنه صار مركزا لتنظيم القتال الذي أنهت 42 عاما من حكم نظام معمّر القذافي.

الخبر ورد أولا على موقع «فايس دوت كوم» الذي قال إن العلم الأسود، الذي يحمل الشهادتين بالأبيض فوق قمر مكتمل بالأصفر، يرفرف جنبا الى جنب مع العلم الليبي القديم الذي تبناه الثوار. وقال الموقع إن المجلس الوطني الانتقالي نفى مسؤوليته عن هذا الأمر أو أي علم له بمن رفعه.

وأضاف الموقع إن «الإسلاميين» شوهدوا وهم يقودون سياراتهم في مختلف أنحاء المدينة وهم يلوحون بهذا العلم ويهتفون «لا شرقية ولا غربية، جمهورية إسلامية». وتخاطفت وسائل الإعلام النبأ فورا، فقالت «ديلي تليغراف» البريطانية إن هذا التطور «يأتي في أعقاب فرض الثوار أحكام الشريعة في بعض مناطق البلاد بعد تسلمهم السطلة فيها».

وأعادت الى الأذهان إعلان مصطفى عبد الجليل، رئيس المجلس الوطني الانتقالي، أن الشريعة ستكون هي مصدر القوانين في ليبيا الحرّة. وقالت إن ذلك التصريح أثار مخاوف عميقة في عواصم الغرب وأن رفع علم القاعدة على مبنى محكمة بنغازي سيضيف الآن قدرا كبيرا الى هذه المخاوف.

وتبعا للصحيفة فإن كل هذا يحدث على خلفية تنذر بالخطر وهي الأنباء التي تفيد أن الشقاق بدأ يدب وسط فصائل الثوار وأن الأمر بلغ حد القتال بين فصيلين منها في أحد مستشفيات طرابلس تبعا لما أوردته الأنباء الواردة من هناك يوم الاثنين.

وقالت إن هذا الأمر يضيف المزيد بدوره الى القلق المتعاظم إزاء أن لا أحد يبدو قادرا على السيطرة على الآلاف من حملة السلاح في العاصمة وغيرها من المدن والبلدات، وأن الحكومة المؤقتة الجديدة قد تعجز بالكامل عن اتخاذ اللازم بهذا الشأن وفرض الأمن والنظام.

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Nuclear November: Izzies Want Iran War

By Captain Eric H. May

Israel, the country that 60 percent of Europeans considered the world’s most dangerous nation in a 2002 poll, is close to starting yet another war, its third in the last five years, this time with Iran.

The Jewish Nation, propped up by apartheid and war crime, cries that worldwide anti-Semitism is rising up against Worldwide Jewry by paying too little attention to Iran and too much attention to Palestine — and it intends to fix things soon. The cacophony of war drums grew loud on Halloween:

Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran threatens Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday that a nuclear Iran would be a serious and direct threat to Israel. “A nuclear Iran poses a heavy threat to the entire world – and to Israel in particular,” Netanyahu said during the opening of the Knesset’s winter session, warning that the regime in Tehran is continuing its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. — Haaretz, 10/31/11

It grew louder later:

US fears Israeli strike on Iran

Many Israelis are concerned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak decided on an attack on Iran’s nuclear reactors. The US is naturally also concerned over such plans which may send the entire region into a whirlwind. — Ynetnews, 10/31/11

It grew louder still yesterday:

Israel warns West: Time to stop Iran

Israeli ambassadors in Western countries have been instructed to inform high-ranking politicians that the window of opportunity for imposing effective sanctions on Iran is closing, as part of a renewed diplomatic offensive aimed at using new sanctions to stop Tehran from developing a nuclear bomb. — Haaretz, 11/1/11

These dangerous developments corroborate my analyses and admonitions, which can be found in my Veterans Today archive. My latest five about Israel/Iran war prospects should be interesting to intelligent readers, and invidious to the Israel Lobby — as all worthwhile analysis should be:

Bunkered Barack Obama Awaits World War

10/25 — There are unsettling current events that make this presidential appearance in Denver seem like another command post exercise ready to go live for a false flag, world war or both.

San Antonio 10-19-11 Terror Plot

10/22 — It’s a story that bears chilling similarities to the terror attacks conducted against Oklahoma City and New York City, but the Wednesday morning arrest of five Moroccan terrorist suspects in San Antonio quickly passed from the lurid to the ludicrous in media descriptions.

America Awakens to Denver False Flag Danger

9/27 — Denver, location of the nation’s state-of-emergency command apparatus, was the scene of massive terror training Friday. With financial markets crumbling worldwide, Zionists reeling from the push for Palestinian statehood in the UN and an Israeli attack on Iran, as reported by Haaretz, under consideration, a false flag operation may well be in the works, and Obama’s placement in Denver may well be the king retreating to his castle before the battle begins.

Jewish Jihad and World War

9/25 — Before I am assailed by the usual screams from the usual suspects, let me point out that the fear of Jewish jihadists starting a world war is not uniquely mine. There was an op-ed by Jewish dissident Sefi Rachlevsky in Haaretz Wednesday that said the same thing: Netanyahu must be stopped from attacking Iran.

BREAKING: Texas City Terror Scare

9/23 — Late last night I received this report from a reliable source inside the mammoth BP refinery in Texas City, Texas: “This morning at 0930, the fire alarms went off at BP, causing an evacuation. Normally BP announces in advance when it is going to have an emergency drill, but in this case employees said that they were surprised. Many said that they were reminded of the unannounced nuclear exercise of 2006, and believe that something is up.” Nine hours after the emergency drill there was an emergency.

To summarize my five articles:

  • Israel needs U.S. backing for a war with Iran, which can be most easily gained by a false flag terror attack against the U.S.
  • There have been two false flag close calls in the last six weeks, each followed by an Obama retreat to the emergency command citadel of Denver.
  • The U.S.and Israel are rehearsing a joint false flag and world war plan.

The writing is on his wall, and it’s up to the Internet Intelligentsia to do what it does best by investigating it and discussing it, for these are the best means of preventing it.

* For the best and bravest documentary about Israeli false flag terror, watch filmmaker Mike Delaney’s 9/11 Missing Links.



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