domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Syrian Government Statement in Response to Israeli Airstrikes in Damascus

The Statement of the Syrian Arab Republic regarding the Israeli aggression

Syrian government has issued its state about the Israeli aggression on Syria after an emergency meeting held by the Council of Ministers today’s afternoon, and came in statement read by Information Minister Imran al-Zubi said Israeli aggression committed at dawn on Sunday 05/05/2013 flagrant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, using rockets to bomb military installations in clear violation of international law, citing some of the wall with all relevant obligations.

The statement added that the Syrian Arab Republic confirms that this aggression opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, especially as it reveals without a doubt the organic link between the components of the war on Syria, its components and takfirist terrorist and Zionism.

The statement stressed that Syria has long made ​​it clear this interdependence of purpose and means between the takfirist thought and Zionist and al-Nusra Front the arm of al-Qaeda in Syria, the Syrian government provided a lot of evidence and facts, it is added to this aggression, which came at a time to achieve by Syrian Arab Army more achievements on the ground against terrorist groups coming from all over the world financed by the Arab humiliation entities, amid a clear link to Israel.

The international community must realize that the complexities of what is happening in the region after this aggression has become more dangerous, and that Israel's supporters realize that our people and our state does not accept humiliation and Israel will not be able to tamper with the region and its security.

Syrian Arab Republic emphasizes the importance of continuing the Syrian Arab Army anti-Israel tools internally, and the duty to protect the state and the people of any internal or external aggression by all means and capabilities, and about the fact that an Israeli plane crash on the Syrian grounds, al- Zubi explained that the competent authorities pursue the investigation on this aggression and its details.

Al-Zubi stressed that Syria has never been sorry about the choice of resistance, and continues to support the resistance and all of whom was this his choice.

Al-Zubi concluded that Syria will not accept humiliation and harm its sovereignty, national security and to prejudice the sovereignty to study his options and fully assume his responsibilities.

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