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Top al-Qaeda Commander, Abu Malik al-Shahri, Slained in Syria

Published on Aug 11, 2013

Abu Malik al-Shahri, known as Bin Laden of Syria has been killed by Syrian forces in Latakia countryside. He was originally from Saudi Arabia and a student of Osama Bin Ladan. He reportedly slaughtered scores of civilians and government forces across Syria. The country has the upper hand in the battle against foreign-backed insurgents fighting the government. Syria has been in turmoil since March 20-11. According to the UN, more than 100-thousand people have been killed and millions more displaced in the violence there. Certain Western countries and their regional allies have openly sponsored the insurgency in Syria.

Abu Omar al-Chechani, a fighter of Al Qaeda Organization, has participated “Jihad” in Chechnya and Afghanistan and came to Syria to fight alongside with al-Nusra; he was the commander of the attack that has been initiated by radical extremist Islamic battalions on the military airport of Ming in Aleppo countryside. - 
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Abu Abed l-Rahman al-Mesrtani and Abu Erwa al-Libi members of al-Battar Allibya battalion which fight alongside with al-Nusra Front in Syria have been shot dead by Syrian Army during battles in Lattakia countryside the last week. - See more at:

A ‪#‎photo‬: Atef Miteb al-Inad and Muteb al-Salham, both al-‪#‎Qaeda‬ fighters, have come to Syria from al-Jauf city in‪#‎Saudi_Arabia‬ in order to fight “‪#‎Jihad‬” with al-Nusra Front; both of them led a group of the front during the raid on the military airport of ‪#‎Ming‬ in Aleppo’s countryside.

Raed al-Lahaidan “al-Karrar al-Najdi”, holds the Saudi nationality and one of the members of al-Katibah al-Khadraa (Green Battalion), has been killed due to a suicidal operation that targeted two buildings where forces of Syrian Army were holed up in the area of Hesyaa in Homs countryside. 31.7.2013 - 

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