jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Communist journalist predicts WWIII

The world is witnessing the most ambitious large-scale provocations and acts which are arranged by the US, interested in starting a global conflict, said an Italian Communist journalist, Giulietto Chiesa, in an interview with Russian paper "Truth of the Young Communist League".

In his view, the latest news about the death of bin Laden suggests that Obama follows the path of Bush, who in his time began the war in the Middle East under a false pretext. Comrade Chiesa is sure that Obama is also trying to divert public attention from real problems of the waning US economy.

Comrade Chiesa believes that all recent events demonstrate the approaching crisis.

"I unite those events together, although they are so different. The crisis is the loss of control over both the technology - Fukushima, and the feelings of her people - the Arab world", said the expert.

According to him, the world faces an energy crisis caused by the depletion of fossil hydrocarbons and financial - because the productive sector is absorbed by the financial.

Giulietto Chiesa is sure that in 5 years a war for resources could start on the planet. This is due to the increasing power of China, an increase in world population and shrinking resources.

"And what happens if they all - the Chinese, the Indians, the Brazilians, the Indonesians - start to eat meat, as we do, and drink milk and have cars and apartments that we have?

And it will not be enough for all, because there will be no energy, no cement, no food, no water. We are already at the peak of oil production, in the last five years the production only decreases, and rapidly", says the journalist

He compared the situation in Europe with the situation after the Great Depression that created a number of right-wing regimes in the region that every Orthodox Communist hates. "Look at the situation in Italy: We have already Fascists in the government (there were also Communists in post-WWII Italian governments - KC).

"There is still some appearance of preservation of democratic structures, but our constitution is under explicit pressure. Look at the recent elections in Finland: the Nationalists came to power. Look at the situation in Holland where the elections are won by the most extremist and xenophobic party.

Old structures of Democracy were the consequence of certain arrangements between the people and the government. If these arrangements break down, there will be a revolution. Leftists are ruled out because people have been already enough fooled and turned into consumers. The only logical alternative is a populist right-wing government", sums up the concerned Communist Giulietto Chiesa.

"In 1929, too, was a crisis, and in ten years the WWII began. We are in a situation much worse and much more dramatic", says the Communist.

Giulietto Chiesa was a professional Communist propaganda journalist in the past - one of the leaders of the Italian Communist Party and a Moscow correspondent of the KGB Communist propaganda paper Unita, and is a former MEP.

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