jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Suspected Mossad Agent Met With Members Of Muslim Brotherhood And Salafis

Investigation with Ilan Grapel, an Israeli accused of espionage, purportedly revealed that he had entered the country on 28 January, the Day of Anger, with a US passport and a tourist visa, and that Mossad had tasked him with collecting information about the Muslim Brotherhood, Coptic Christians, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the revolutionary youth.

Grapel held the Egyptian flag during demonstrations and chanted with protesters so as to gain their confidence and obtain information from them. He also met with journalists and intellectuals at cafes in downtown Cairo.

Investigators says that he went to the Virgin Mary church in Imbaba a day before sectarian violence took place there. He met with a number of Salafis in the area, who told him of what they were planning to do the next day in response to the disappearance of a Coptic girl after she converted to Islam.
The next day, Grapel returned to the area and filmed the incidents.

However, Grapel denied the charges. Saying that all the videos and information are available on the internet, he asserted that Israel did not need to send anyone for filming the incidents.

Source: Al Masry Al Youm (English Edition)

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