jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

ISIL to Christians in Syria’s Raqqa: Pay Gold Levy in Return for Your Safety

Local Editor

Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group imposed gold levy on Christians in the Syrian city of Raqqa in return for their protection, as it obligated them to curb displays of their faith.

The so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Levant” which is composed of Takfiri militants is engaged in violent and brutal struggle with the Syrian government as well as its rival extremist militants.

ISIL said it would ensure Christians' “safety” in exchange for the levy and their adherence to restrictions on their faith, citing the Islamic legal precept of 'Jizyah'.

It said Christians must not make renovations to churches or other religious buildings, display religious insignia outside of churches, ring church bells or pray in public.

It demanded every Christian man pay a tax of up to 17 grams of gold.
The directive also bans Christians from owning weapons and from selling pork or wine to Muslims or drinking wine in public.

Its directive to Christians in the eastern city of Raqqa is the latest evidence of the group's ambition to establish a state in Syria founded on Takfiri principles.

Source: Agencies 27-02-2014

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