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Insurgents wage guerilla warfare in Syria

Syrian security forces have killed scores of insurgents in Homs' al-Khalidiah district, while clearing the neighboring Hasibeh town of insurgents.

The army also cleared suburbs of Jeb al-Jandali of foreign-backed insurgents in the central city on Saturday, while intense fighting continued in the districts of Bab Hud and Bab al-Turkman. 

Reports say the Syrian army cleared most of the city’s central areas from terrorists, killing an undisclosed number of insurgents. 

Meanwhile in the north of the country, Syrian soldiers are advancing towards the town of Maaret al-Numan, near the Turkish border, where groups of foreign-backed armed men are still active. 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Jaber, retired Major General, to further discuss the issue.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, how do you analyze the recent military developments between the Syrian army and the armed groups, especially in Homs, Aleppo and at Maaret al-Numan?

Jaber: As we always say the Syrian army after 20 months of what happened in Syria and the insurgents were fighting the Syrian army, still control and the Syrian armed forces still [are] fighting the insurgents everywhere in Syria.

Concerning Homs, of course it is a very important city for the regime. For this reason, the Syrian armed forces decide to clean it up from the insurgents and it did succeed but we have to expect that those insurgents who cannot keep controlling or staying in the same place because they are making guerilla warfare, they may come back you know attack and withdraw, attack and withdraw. This is the guerilla warfare because they cannot face the Syrian armed forces by their ... means despite they have been provided by missiles anti-armors.

The Syrian army in my opinion did control Homs and also the same thing it will happen in Aleppo because the Syrian army cannot give up and leave Aleppo to the insurgents but we have to expect that those insurgents who are coming from Turkey and providing weapons through Turkey from the Arab countries, they will continue to attack the Syrian armed forces for example to cut the highway like they did, the main highway between Damascus and Aleppo was cut for almost two hours but they cannot keep it forever.

That means conclusion the Syrian armed forces still have control all over Syria and despite all support the insurgents did receive from everywhere; they couldn’t create a buffer zone like they have been promised by Turkey to create it.

This is the situation in Syria and I think and I repeat that there is no military solution in Syria at all only the political solution will save Syria because all those insurgents and even external attack or intervention will not solve the problem in Syria, will make it much more complicated.

This is the situation I think today and we have every day to expect that insurgents here kicked out from the armed forces, they may come back and explosion here, explosion there and this is the daily agenda in Syria unless they will find a solution.

Second, Syria presented a very good will to coordinate with the Turkish side and to protect the borders and the sovereignty of two countries and we didn’t know that the Turkish reply was positive or not and Turkey was complaining that some mortars came to the Turkish soil. At the same time Turkey is shelling many villages in the Syrian soil near the borders and Syrian regime trying always to avoid provoking the Turkish side to create a problem with it.

Turkish threat in my opinion is psychological. Turkey is not able or capable or willing to start a war against Syria because the war is not a game at all, the war is very [costly] and it will cost human lives and it will cost a great amount of money.

I do not think Turkey is able or ready to pay such money nor Europe nor United States of America. That is the situation we have to live with it and to keep it under control and I think it will continue in this status quo.


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